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One Year Later: Pavlo Lushyn’s Journey From Ukraine to Montclair State

To Pavlo Lushyn and countless other Ukrainians, the possibility of a Russian invasion seemed like something out of a dystopian blockbuster movie.

“We somehow were expecting that something bad may happen since December [of] 2021,” Lushyn said. “But nobody believed that. We just thought [the Russians] were frightening us, just so we [would] behave in favor of them.”

But as the whole nation of Ukraine soon realized, that dystopia was to become a reality. On Feb. 24, 2022, Russian troops invaded a

Red Hawks Rising: How A Montclair State Initiative is Preparing the Teachers of Tomorrow

When Melissa De Almeida learned about the Red Hawks Rising program during her senior year of high school, she jumped at the opportunity to become a part of it. To her, this was her way to begin her dream career of teaching.

“I was with my guidance counselor every day trying to figure [the application process] out,” De Almeida said. “I was missing class to figure this out [because] I felt that it was so important that I got it done as soon as possible.”

De Almeida, a freshman educational founda

EOF Barbershop: Making Men Leaders the Old School Way

The sharp smell of aftershave hits you in the face as you enter the room. The lights are dimmed, giving off a mellow vibe. You hear the buzz of the clippers, the music playing in the room and the murmur of men talking to each other.

No, this isn’t your local barbershop that’s been around since your grandfather was your age. This is EOF Barbershop, a new initiative from what was once the Male Leadership Academy (MLA) at Montclair State University.

Also known as Barbershop.Edu, the program’s goa

Dining Decisions: How to Make the Best of University Food Options

Eating on campus can be a challenge for a lot of students. It’s no secret that Montclair State University has been plagued by dining issues for the past few years. From raw chicken tenders to limited hours at some popular dining locations, students have been more than disappointed by the university’s dining services.

However, that’s not to say it’s all bad. The campus does have a few good eats if you know where to look for them. From the best burger to the best place for vegan options, here’s y

Isolation Tips: Things To Do So You Don't Go Insane While You Have COVID-19

Getting the coronavirus (COVID-19) sucks. There’s no doubt about that. But what can suck even more is getting stuck in isolation for six days. Talk about boring: you have to suffer alone for almost a whole week, either stuck in your bedroom or worse, in an isolation room in one of the residence halls on campus. Cabin fever can get to a lot of people. You can start to go a bit crazy, itching for something to do.

I would know; I spent the last week in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-1

Victor Muniz Rosa: On a Mission to Make a Change for Communities

Debris was strewn across the street. No electricity and running water for weeks on end. Homes and businesses were destroyed. A town completely devastated by a hurricane like no other.

This is what Victor Muniz Rosa, a senior journalism and digital media major at Montclair State University, woke up to after Hurricane Maria tore through his hometown in Puerto Rico.

Muniz recalled how he and his dad had to remove trees from the roads just so that they could see his grandparents, who lived a mere

#FOCUSDisruption: Increased Screen Time Affects Students' Mental Health

#FocusDisruption is a collaboration of all the media outlets within Montclair State’s School of Communication and Media. Our goal is to report stories that highlight the effects or disruption of the last two years and the solutions that have come out of it. All aspects of day-to-day life have been altered but we will be primarily focusing on how mental health, education and the workplace have changed.

Can you imagine not using social media? Many would shudder at the very thought. Our phones are

The Sticker Spectrum Spreads Autism Acceptance and Pride

Meet Stick, the face of The Sticker Spectrum. You’ll see Stick doing all sorts of things on his stickers, from wearing dresses (Stick’s artist, Liam McCormack, says he likes to break gender stereotypes) to celebrating whichever holiday is around the corner.

But the most common thing that you’ll see Stick do is hold up a rainbow infinity sign, symbolizing autism acceptance. That’s the central goal of Liam’s art and his family business, The Sticker Spectrum.

The Sticker Spectrum is the family-ru

The ADP Center Combines Technology and Learning at Montclair State

Tucked away on the first floor of University Hall, most people would walk past the ADP Center and not think twice. But inside this open, collaborative space, one will find plenty of resources to take advantage of when it comes to learning.

The ADP Center for Learning Technologies integrates today’s technology with education here at Montclair State University. From Jamboards that help students improve presentations or workshops on how TikToks can be used in the classroom, the ADP Center has much

A Look at Rising Gas Prices

Put your seatbelts on for this one.

Ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Americans have seen a dramatic increase in gas prices, especially in New Jersey. American gas companies have decided to stop business in Russia for the time being, and the Biden administration banned imports on Russian oil imports on March 8.

Prices at the pump were an average of $2.95 a year ago, while now the current average is $4.20 in the Garden State. Let’s put that into perspective. A small car typically need

The Web3 Association Prepares Students for the Future of the Internet

The World Wide Web is a vast, complicated place, filled with detailed intricacies that would overwhelm most people’s minds. Yet it’s essential to our lives and we couldn’t live without it. We use it every day, from submitting our assignments online to posting on social media. But the internet is changing, and Montclair State University students are not blind to this.

The Web3 Association at Montclair State is made up of a group of students who are dedicated to being a part of the future of the

The Brotherhood at Montclair State Empowers Men of Color To Be the Leaders of Tomorrow

“I never forget where I came from; I’m always willing to help somebody. So

wherever I end up when I graduate, I’m going to come back to this same organization that I’m in right now in college and I’m going to help that person get to where they have to be.”

That statement by Tommy Foster, a junior television and digital media major, emphasizes what it means to be part of The Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood, also known as La Hermandad, is a student-run organization on campus led by Foster, the c
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